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IT Consulting

AnalyzeDevelopMaintainYour business relies heavily on technology - not only for internal processes, but for customer-facing practices as well. As such, there can be significant impacts to productivity, and even revenue, if your technology is not supporting your organization effectively. Computer Central has been working with a broad range of cutting edge technologies since 1990, and you can leverage this experience to gain top-notch consulting services that ensure your technologies are aligned with your business processes and goals.

More than just a resource supplement, Computer Centrals technical consultants are brought in for their strategic approach to aligning your technology with your business. Particularly for larger-scale projects or if you are integrating emerging or new technologies, our consultants may perform an assessment of your current environment. In the end, we will help you define a clear roadmap to ensuring that the technology you implement today will support your business tomorrow.


Our technology assessment is the first critical step to ensuring that the decisions you make around technology will support and foster your business.
Computer Centrals technical consultants will analyze your firm’s existing design, infrastructure, and technology investments and conduct interviews with business stakeholders to:

establish a thorough understanding of the current state of your IT operations.

detail how well your technology supports your business use and goals.

measure the impact of new or different technology solutions.


Once the technology and business audits are completed, our consultants develop and present a detailed set of written recommendations that help you:

prioritize, plan, and budget technology implementations and changes for maximum impact

implement technology changes that provide measurable business benefits

ensure that your systems are in line with industry standard best practices


In order to accomplish your project without the burden of unnecessary delays, redirects, and restarts, Computer Central will work closely with you and around your schedule.  We will perform major installs after hours or on weekends and any standard tasks will be completed with little or no interruption to your business or staff.

Upon completion of any project we will provide you with the necessary tools or training to maintain your new technology investment.  If your company enters into a service contract with Computer Central we will take over the responsibility of maintaining your IT infrastructure.