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servicecontract2Our unique approach to your service contract

Other computer companies typically offer service contracts in blocks of time which you must pay for upfront.  They don't offer a discounted rate and they expire after a period of time.  They bill you for any time using those hours whether they are spent on site or via telephone and remote support.  Once your block of time has been used you must purchase a new block before they will provide additional support.  If your service block reaches its expiration date with remaining service hours they are forfeited and not refunded.  Basically they are requiring you to prepay for service that has not been completed.

What makes our service contract unique is that it's a month to month contract.  This means that you can cancel your service contract at any time without forfeiting any fees.  When you are on a monthly service contract we know that if we don't provide the highest level of service you could cancel at any time.   Knowing this keeps us on our toes and sends a positive message to our customers, letting them know how much we value their business.  It's all about commitment and integrity.

Let Computer Central Be Your IT Department

Most small to medium size companies can't afford to maintain a full-time IT position let alone staff.  Often times this leaves them depending on their most "tech savvy" employee to support their computer systems.  This can lead to critical IT functions being missed completely or neglected.

With a service contract from Computer Central you are gaining your own IT department.

Service Contract Benefits:

retainerMonthly Retainer -  Your $300 monthly retainer fee provides the following:

Remote Monitoring Services
We will remotely monitor and perform daily backups
Software updates to servers and workstations
Server and network load and utilization

Telephone and Remote Access Support
There is no additional charge for services provided via telephone or by remotely logging in to your workstations or servers.

Reduced Hourly Rate
Any on-site service calls will be billed at a reduced rate of $50 per hour. (Normal rate is $125 per hour)

Web Hosting
Your service contract includes Web hosting for one domain name. (Normal rate is $25 per month)

24-7-54pixGuaranteed Response Times - 24/7 Support 365 Days a Year - We will respond to any service request within one hour by telephone. If it is determined to be a critical problem (work stoppage) we will be on-site within four hours. For service calls deemed non-critical we will be on-site within 24 hours (next business day), unless you request a particular date and time for our service call to be performed.

disaster2Disaster Recovery - We will develop, implement and maintain a disaster recovery plan to suit your needs and budget.  Usually this will include a drive imaging backup solution for your servers in conjunction with redundant server hardware.  We know how important your business is and will do our best to protect your investment and data.

coverageComplete Coverage - not only will we cover your computer systems, we will also support all of your software applications thru use of your software company’s tech support centers. Our goal in servicing your network is to be a one stop provider capable of handling every type of request or problem you might encounter. We will NEVER say “it’s not our problem”.

helpdeskOnline Help Desk - As a service contract holder you will also have access to our online helpdesk. Besides providing you with a 24/7 means of submitting support requests it also offers advanced reporting. You will be able to generate reports showing how often you are utilizing our services and how well we have performed. Our helpdesk also features a knowledgebase and technical file downloads to help you solve common problem on your own.